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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Energy Links 11/14/06

We're going to try to post interesting links on a relatively consistent basis here on the Dave's Energy blog. As of now it will be a link dump with commentary here and there, but if healthy discussion from our readers persist we'll try to spread the links out and give our two-cents when applicable. Thanks for staying tuned and spread the word!

from WSJ.com:
Russia provides ~25% of Europe's natural gas and have been in political fisticuffs with many countries and entities over their influence. This is a theme that will likely escalate before it will go away.
Bypassing a Major Oil Choke Point
Georgia, Russia Feel Tensions Rise With Price of Natural Gas

Weather is beginning to make it's impact on the oil and natural gas markets
Oil Prices Fall Amid Mild Weather, High Inventories

Enron is still a dirty word in most circles, yet their trading strategies are lauded and coveted by Wall Street
Trading on the Enron Mystique

from csmonitor.com:
Move off the grid! Equip your home with solar panels, a micro wind turbine, and a micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit and you could potentially produce enough energy to be self-sustaining. The $64,000 question remains, though--is it worth spending tens of thousands of dollars up front, or will you actually be better off sticking with the utility company?
It heats. It powers. Is it the future of home energy?

The Rand Corporation just released a report on renewable energy. Lots of good information inside.
Impacts on U.S. Energy Expenditures of Increasing Renewable Energy Use (in PDF)


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