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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Claiming the High Ground in the PHEV Space

My views on the validity of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will be tested in fairly short order, when Fisker Automotive launches its first car in 2009-2010. The company has the chance to take the early lead at the high-end of the PHEV space. While there may be competitors like the Chevy Volt hot on their heels at lower prices, there is room for a variety of cars across the price-quality spectrum. This is no different than the existing car market: some people who buy a Chevy wouldn't consider a BMW, and vice versa. So while cars are essentially commodities that at their essence perform the same task, individual desires and tastes allow large markets for both a $20,000 Hyundai and an $80,000 Mercedes. The stunning car presented in Fisker's press release last week indicates that these true "car guys" understand that cars will not be sold on efficiency alone, but also based on style, performance, and luxury. And if you can have it all and be "greener than Gore", why not?

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  • Hi from your uncle Curt!
    Good job! Thanks for reading and mentioning our book. Our publisher said it is selling so well, he wants us to do a 2nd edition, so we are working on that now, due out in March 2009. Alot is happening. I like your AlGore comment! What a jerk!
    Uncle Curt

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:53 PM  

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