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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Canadian Gas Shales to follow the CBM path?

The U.S. natural gas market has developed coal bed methane (CBM),.k.a. natural gas from coal (NGC), a number of years ahead of the Canadian oil and gas producers. But now Canada is moving very strongly into CBM/NCG in both the Horseshoe Canyon and Mannville plays. With the major improvement in gas recovery from shale deposits in the U.S., and the "hot" plays going on in the Barnett Shale, as well as the Fayetteville, New Albany, Caney, and Woodford shales -- how far behind will Canada be? Is there another major gas deposit waiting to be developed by the early movers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin? Check this link. I'd be curious about any geologist's point of view on prospectivity in Canada's gas shales:


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